WoW Leveling Contest – Win a 19″ LCD Monitor

WoW Leveling Contest – Win a 19″ LCD Monitor

Stephenson, MI (PRWEB) May 23, 2007

Almost Gaming has begun accepting submissions for their level 1-10 WoW Leveling Contest. Prizes include a 19″ LCD Monitor, a Logitech Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, and a 60 day World of Warcraft Game Card for the 3 fastest levelers in each faction.

Is it time to replace your 15″ CRT monitor that you found in front of someone’s house on trash night? Is your keyboard missing keys or does your mouse still have a ball in it? Do your friends tell you to go to school, take a shower or go outside? Do they not understand that the sun causes cancer, water is scary, and you school people all day? If so, now is your opportunity to prove them wrong. All you’re asked to do is demonstrate your wow leveling skills and reach level 10 in the shortest amount of time possible and submit proof for a chance to win. Leveling times will be accepted until June 30th, 2007 and winners for both the Horde and the Alliance will be announced shortly after the leveling contest concludes. No longer should your eyes be strained and desk warped by your 50 lb gaming monitor.

“The real challenge is that players are being asked to master a part of game they probably haven’t looked at critically before. For example, Joana (Horde) and Brian Kopp (Alliance) have mastered wow leveling routes from 1-70, but few have spent a lot of time from 1-10. Their steps can be used as a starting point but should still be optimized for reaching level 10 quicker.” says James Smith, author at Almost Gaming. “I’ve leveled to 10 in less than 1:50 while racing to 20, it should be interesting to see what types of strategies people come up with and what classes they use to beat that time.”

The submission rules are simple: reach level 10 on a Blizzard server without breaking Blizzard’s terms of service and submit proof according to the leveling contest guidelines. More details can be found at Almost Gaming’s WoW Leveling Contest. Almost Gaming plans to host a 1-20 wow leveling contest later this summer and its staff has said they have some other interesting contest ideas up their sleeves for later this year.

Almost Gaming was founded by gamers for gamers and provides them with the information they need to reach in game success. They also want to pay you to write about your gaming experiences. They have provided a comprehensive collection of user submitted WoW guides including up to date gaming news, leveling guides, talent guides, profession guides, wow leveling and gold farming guides since 2006.

World of Warcraft was released by Blizzard Entertainment(r) in November of 2004, since then it has become the most widely played Massively Multiplayer Online Game with over 8 million subscribers. Much of the high end game content requires highly coordinated group efforts, some of which require up to 40 players to work together to win a battle. Leveling from 1-10 is is only a tiny portion of the game which provides players with challenging and entertaining content from levels 1-70.


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