Warcraft 3 Orc Ending

Ending for Orcs in Warcraft 3


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  1. MarkzBaui26 says:

    and wut if they didnt came? umad?

  2. Rumpio says:

    God, i would LOVE to see a Warcraft movie. This is so impressive.

  3. Nateipodfirst1313 says:

    Carine and Jaina should have been in the canyon too :p

  4. MikuLuka579 says:

    @DomagojSavordh dafuq, these are movies from reign of chaos. there are 4 campaigns for all races. every has like 10missions i think. and after every campaign there is a movie.

  5. DrMisterAleksa says:

    wow is shit. THIS is warcraft.

  6. MrCrenart says:

    @bodytoxic98 i am 14 but dont speak Romanian… i didn’t know……..soooo yeah

  7. bodytoxic98 says:

    @MrCrenart Nice gramar hehehehehe , well try to be an 14 years kid and try to speak romanian , go ahead!

  8. VengeanceBG says:

    @Panzermajorstarcraft They ruined it when made it easy. The only good thing about it is the fact it’s a continue of a great game.

  9. MrCrenart says:

    @bodytoxic98 nice grammar man

  10. Deceiver9811 says:

    @Panzermajorstarcraft What is this “WoW’ you speak of? You mean that massive pop culture reference people pay $15 a month to play? You can hardly call that a “World of WARCRAFT” anymore.
    I don’t think any game needs to try to kill “WoW”, it’s managing that just fine on it’s own.

  11. WaltteriDude says:

    Mannoroth is such an intelligent creature.
    “I knew you would come!! :D:D:D”
    FFS wasn’t he the one who invited them? XD

  12. Panzermajorstarcraft says:

    @VengeanceBG Starcraft 2 owns But WoW no one can beat if you think any game will beat WoW you must be stupid.

  13. Panzermajorstarcraft says:

    God you guys don’t understand WoW is it’s main money maker they got to get it done before the annual pass ends for most people but then it will be hopefully Heart of the swarm but diablo will be 1st then WoW then Hots maybe your game will be next year in 2013

  14. DomagojSavordh says:

    Wait. Maybe I missed something in my fav game but where are these movies? In W3 a seen only battle between Artes and Eledan and maybe 1 more movie in such game quality and I played Frozen Throne and Reigin of Chaos.

    or this is wow, but I don’t think so. I’m very confused

  15. ViciousCritique says:

    I hope Warcraft 4 will be done by the same team as W3 was done.

    Fuck wow.

  16. SinerAthin says:

    I hate to see how Thrall was turned into a cheesy mary sue.

    I will pretend the Orcs in WoW never existed, and rather remember them for how awesome they were in WC3.

  17. TheWickerMan1995 says:

    thrall is no where near this cool anymore, hes all gay and alliancy now

  18. 100Roblox says:

    Illidan’s uncle

  19. PrivateDeathdoor says:

    how teh heck he move so fast?! id gladly pay $30 a month for a game as well developed as WoW with this as the lowest setting for graphics >_< THUMBS UP SO SOMEB* AND HIS MOM MAKE A GAME LIKE THAT!

  20. barborashop says:

    One crazy fella just said that that monster was hot!!?

  21. barborashop says:

    @VengeanceBG Probably more epic than Skyrim…

  22. VengeanceBG says:

    Warcraft 4 is a MUST! But when it’s made it gonna be something EPIC! It just will OWN Starcraft2 and any mass played game you have ever heard for! We have to become as better as possible till the really skilled game come out :)!

  23. PQ5 says:

    @pedinoway2 agree, agree, Agree!!!

  24. PurbaProductions says:

    @WoWrowrin enhacement shamans can do that

  25. TendancyToFloatAway says:

    I just almost cried.

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